Lunch Menu

Dear customers,

If you don’t feel like cooking, or you don’t have the time for that because you work from home, you can order from our new lunch menu or, if you order for the next day, also from our main menu. Salads, Pizzas and sandwiches can be ordered every day.

Delivery: within 2 hours /depending on our possibilities at the moment/

Free delivery: by orders over 20.00 BGN.
If your order is less than 20.00 BGN, you should pay extra 3.00 BGN for the delivery.

Payment: cash.

We deliver to the following quarters in Sofia: Ovcha Kupel, Slavia, Bukston, Pavlovo, Lagera, Krasno selo, Hipodruma, Beli Brezi, Motopista, Strelbishte, Ivan Vazov, Borovo, Gotse Delchev, Manastirski Livadi, Hladilnika, Krasova Vada, Centre, Oborishte, Zona B5, Lozenets, Musagenitsa, Mladost, Business Park, Residential Park, Dragalevtsi, Boyana

Due to the situation in the country and abroad, we have taken all measures to protect your and our health!

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With professional equipment and exquisite decoration, with knowledge and skills, with the love and dedication we create each event.

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