Due to the situation in the country and abroad, we have taken all measures to protect your and our health!

These are difficult times

These are difficult times for all of us. Previously we used every opportunity to socialize, now we must get used to being antisocial. We’re not going to pubs and restaurants, to concerts, theatres and movies, we’re not having drinks with friends. We must stay at home to protect the people around us. Because tomorrow will come and we’ll be all together outside.
In the coming weeks – or months, we will restrict ourselves to bare necessities. And although reading, drawing or meditation can protect our sanity and raise our spirits, food is something we really can’t do without. Some who couldn’t cook an egg will have to learn, many of those who can cook, will get weary, and some will rather starve than touch a cooking pan. We have a solution for all of you, because we at Rai Catering love to cook.
You don’t have to start hating cooking, you don’t need to starve either. You can trust our proven recipes or we can make something especially for you. Now is the moment to open that old grandma’s book of recipes and let us make them for you. With all our love we will restore the tastes of your childhood.
We may not be able to go to cafes and restaurants, but nobody wants to miss a loved one’s birthday or anniversary. Trapped between the walls we deserve something to sweeten our lives. Although we cannot have as many guests as last year we still can have a special cake for the occasion (try our Black Velvet cake for instance).

*Rai catering is complying with all sanitary and health requirements related to the complex situation of coronavirus pandemic. Watch the video to be assured, that when ordering from us you don’t risk your health and the health of the people around you.

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