• Potatoe

    Did you know … potatoes can kill you with their ugliness?

    Of course not, but when the Spaniards brought them to Europe from South America at the end of the 16th century, they did not receive much of a welcome reception. Although in their homeland the Incas not only ate them, but also worshipped them to the point of burying potatoes together with their dead, because […]

  • Caviar

    Black gold

    A wealthy Jew invited a beggar to lunch. And the poor man saw for the first time in his life caviar. He tried it and he liked it. And he kept reaching for it using a teaspoon. — This is really good! — The beggar said enthusiastically. — It is really good, but it is […]

  • Alfama

    Today we are in… Lisbon!

    As we are preparing for landing at Lisbon’s airport, we are approaching and passing over the city. And as it is already dark, the estuary of the Tagus River is a black spot underneath us with just two bridges – the 17 km long Vasco da Gama and the shorter, but no less unique with […]

  • Honey

    Did you know… honey never expires?

    In the tombs of the Egyptian pharaohs were found pots with wine, olive oil and honey dating back over 3000 years! The olive oil and the wine had gone bad but the honey, turns out, was still perfectly good to be consumed. Even if – in practice – honey could last forever, its taste qualities […]

  • Kopi Luwak

    The coffee of the rich

    – Waiter, the bill, please! – Excuse me, sir, but I would recommend you have another cognac before you see it. We all have had a case when we wanted to cry once seeing the bill in a restaurant. Sometimes it means you have been overcharged – the waiter looked up, then multiplied what he […]

  • Palermo-1

    Today we are in… Palermo!

    There is something for everyone in Palermo – for the architecture lovers there are plenty of samples of Greco-Roman, Byzantine, Arabic and Norman art, of the Gothic art and the Baroque in all their splendor. For the fans of the sea the beaches near the Sicilian capital provide for a divine holiday with breathtaking views […]

  • Alhambra

    Today we are in… Andalusia!

    The first time I landed in Malaga was in the end of January. Starting from the exit of the airport, I began taking off my clothes layer by layer, which I had piled on at the -15 degrees in Sofia. By the time I got to the hotel, I was already wearing short sleeves. Not […]

  • Blue agave

    Did you know… tequila can be turned into diamonds?

    It is absolutely true – a team of Mexican scientists experimented with various organic solutions and after numerous alchemical experiments found out that tequila with an alcohol content of 40% has the best ratio of ethanol to water for the production of synthetic diamonds. After heating up the liquid and evaporating it, they heated up […]

  • York

    Today we are in… York!

    If you have read the previous article – the one about the cacao, you probably remember that after the United Kingdom royals kept the chocolate all to themselves for 17 years, in 1847 Joseph Fry of Bristol finally made it available to the general public. Two years later, the loved by all British John Cadbury […]

  • Cacao tree

    Did you know… cocoa fights tooth decay?

    That’s right, there are parts of the cacao beans that have a strong antibacterial effect and, after numerous studies, the benefits of the cocoa beans have been proven. So, do not be surprised if you see cacao in the ingredients of your toothpaste some day. Naturally, this does not mean that you should start eating […]

  • Nancy

    Today we are in… Lothringen!

    The people of Lothringen are neither completely German, nor completely French. Over the centuries, the borders between the two counties of Alsace (Elsass) and Lothringen (Lorraine) have steadily been under, whether German or French, dominion. And, although Alsace deserves no less attention with its picturesque towns, today Lothringen (Lorraine in French) is the one on […]

  • Garlic

    Did you know … there is a garlic phobia?

    And no, it is not a joke, it really does exist, and its medical term is alliumphobia. People who suffer from it can not even get close to garlic, let alone eat it. If they do, they get sick, they start to shake, they lose control and their connection to reality, thinking they are dying. […]

  • Puglia

    Today we are in… Puglia!

    You may ask why Italy again? Well, because isn’t it obvious – Italy is the cradle of the culinary arts. Although the word “gourmet” is French, the truth is that the French owe their cuisine mostly to the Italians. When in 1533, Catherine de’ Medici, heiress to one of the richest and most influential Florentine […]

  • Curcuma

    Did you know… Turmeric is useful?

    In the current situation, when it is of the utmost importance to boost our immune system, what we eat plays a key role. Some call it “the saffron of the poor” because of its resemblance to the far more expensive spice – the saffron. The Turmeric, as a wild herb, grows in hot and humid […]

  • Napoli

    Today we are in… Naples!

    Italy! A country of beauty, love, history, art. There is nobody, who once in touch with the incandescent passion of the Italian people, has not fallen in love for life with Italy. That is the reason why the test that this country of love is passing through right now is like a knife to our […]