Main Menu

You can order the dishes from our main menu, in advance by calling 02 858 19 91 or 0888 324 797.

SOUPS 350 gr
Tarator (yogurt with shredded cucumbers) 2.50 лв.
Chicken soup 2.99 лв.
Cream of potato soup 2.50 лв.
Cream of vegetables soup 2.50 лв.
Red lentils soup 3.99 лв.
Spinach soup 2.99 лв.
Veal soup with potatoes and carrots 4.59 лв.
Lentils soup 2.99 лв.
Soup of small meatballs 2.99 лв.
Bean soup 2.99 лв.
Cream of broccoli soup 2.99 лв.
Mushroom soup 2.99 лв.
Spring soup 2.50 лв.
Fish soup 3.50 лв.
SALADS 400 gr
Shopska salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, white cheese, olives, onion, parsley) 4.40 лв.
Greek salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, onion, white cheese, red pepper, olives) 7.90 лв.
Tuna salad (green salad, iceberg, onion, tuna, lemon) 4.90 лв
Ovcharska salad (tomatoes, cucumbers, ham, cheese, onion, egg, olives and white cheese) 5.90 лв.
Carrot with three seed (poppy-, sunflower- and pumpkin-seed) 4.20 лв.
Kaprese salad 6.50 лв.
Tomatoes with buffalo cheese and baby spinach 7.90 лв.
Russian salad (with meat) 3.90 лв.
Yogurt salad 3.90 лв.
Potato salad (potatoes, onion and parsley) 3.10 лв.
Caesar salad 9.90 лв.
Egg salad (eggs, yogurt dressing, dill and mustard) 2.90 лв.
Vitaminozna (carrot, beetroot and green apple) 4.90 лв.
Chicken rolls with mushrooms and yellow cheese with mashed potatoes 8.90 лв.
Chicken fillet with sauce and roasted root vegetables 7.90 лв.
Cornflake-crusted chicken tenders with yogurt sauce 6.99 лв.
Crispy chicken leg with rice 5.50 лв.
Chicken with sauce of cheeses 4.90 лв.
Chicken steak with steamed vegetables 7.50 лв.
Chicken with green peas 4.90 лв.
Chicken livers with onions 4.50 лв.
Chicken guvech 5.90 лв.
Chicken with cabbage 4.90 лв.
Baked chicken thighs with potatoes 4.90 лв.
Chicken fricassee 5.90 лв.
Pork ribs with BBQ sauce and vegetables 6.90 лв.
Pork tenderloin with mashed sautéed potatoes 8.50 лв.
Pork steak with wedgies potatoes 6.90 лв.
Pork with potatoes 5.90 лв.
Pork with cabbage 4.90 лв.
Baked pork leg with green salad 6.90 лв.
Spiked pork neck 6.50 лв.
Pork tenderloin with mushroom sauce 6.60 лв.
Fried meatballs with side dish 4.90 лв.
Meatballs “Chirpan” style 5.50 лв.
Small meatballs in “tsarigradski” style with mashed potatoes 6.20 лв.
Bulgarian moussaka 4.90 лв.
Kebab in wine sauce (stew) with rice 5.20 лв.
Stuffed peppers with minced meat and rice and yogurt 5.90 лв.
Meat roll Stephanie with mashed potatoes 5.50 лв.
Stuffed cabbage leaves (sarmi) with mince and rice 5.90 лв.
Pork with leek 5.90 лв.
Baked salmon with steamed vegetables 350 gr 14.00 лв.
Sea bass fillet in fragrant herbs with potatoes 12.90 лв.
Whitefish fillet with potatoes 6.90 лв.
Fish and chips with sauce 9.90 лв.
Mish-mash (eggs fried with chopped tomatoes and peppers) 4.20 лв.
Potatoe Gratin 4.90 лв.
Melanzane alla parmigiana 7.90 лв.
Emperor’s rice with cherry tomatoes, parsley, celery, pepper, carrot, onion and garlic 6.90 лв.
Leek with eggs 3.50 лв.
Baked zucchini with rice / vegan 3.50 лв.
Potato patties with mixed green salad 3.50 лв.
Spinach noisettes with yogurt sauce 4.90 лв.
Courgette “meatballs” (without meat) with yogurt-garlic sauce 5.50 лв.
Fried yellow cheese with a side 5.90 лв.
Meatless stuffed grape leaves (sarmi) with yogurt sauce 4.50 лв.
Tomatoes with rice 3.90 лв.
Eggs “Panagyurishte” style 3.99 лв.
Stew with potatoes and green bean 3.50 лв.
Rice with vegetables / vegan 3.90 лв.
Meatless stuffed cabbage leaves (sarmi) 4.90 лв.
Mushrooms with rice 3.90 лв.
Zucchini with yogurt sauce 5.90 лв.
Ciabatta with roasted chicken and egg 3.75 лв.
Ciabatta with crispy chicken 3.20 лв.
Ciabatta with small meatballs 3.45 лв.
Ciabatta with yellow and white cheese 3.20 лв.
Ciabatta with smoked chicken fillet 3.20 лв.
Ciabatta Caprese 3.20 лв.
Ciabatta with tenderloin 3.45 лв.
Ciabatta with omelette (ham or cheese) 3.45 лв.
Zinger 3.20 лв.
Burger 8.90 лв.
Mini burger 4.90 лв.
PIZZA – 30 cm
Margherita 5.90 лв.
Capricciosa (tomatoes, ham, mushrooms, marjoram, olive oil) 7.20 лв.
Choose your ingredients 8.20 лв.
Margherita 24.00 лв.
Capricciosa (tomatoes, ham, mushrooms, marjoram, olive oil) 28.00 лв.
Choose your ingredients 32.00 лв.
Tiramisu 3.20 лв.
Mini muffins with chocolate 4 pcs 1.95 лв.
Biscuit cake with mascarpone 2.50 лв.
Red Velvet Cake 3.50 лв.
Baked cheese cake 3.50 лв.
Carrot cake 3.20 лв.
Brownie 3.20 лв.
Bacio Bianco cream 2.90 лв.
Bacio Nero cream 2.90 лв.
Oreo cake 3.50 лв.
Lindt cake 3.90 лв.
Profiteroles with Bavarian cream 4 pcs 2.50 лв.
Vegan dessert 3.50 лв.
Muffin with chocolate / vanilla 100 gr 1.95 лв.
Eclaire “Bagel” 100 gr 1.95 лв.
Raspberry yogurt 2.90 лв.
Pancake 2.50 лв.